NME Lifehacks 2017

Thursday 23rd November 2017 Islington Metal Works Reducing your fashion footprint... Sustainable fashion charity TRAID and NME’s fashion partners at the #Lifehacks event. During the afternoon, they ran an Anti-Fashion Workshop  helping guests to adopt their Secondfirst Styling approach to putting together outfits. The TRAID reps were really nice, all you had to do was choose … Continue reading NME Lifehacks 2017

A Ghoulish Transition.

All Hallows Eve, A crisp October evening, the kids in the ends trick or treating, manners on smash so we say HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Thank you and bye when were leaving... Kicking up the piles of leaves, autumnal tones that fell from the trees.. Ghosts and Ghouls, Witches and Cats, I remember mum saying "girls don't … Continue reading A Ghoulish Transition.

What is PPL, What do they do and who do they work for?

Phonographic Performance Limited, commonly known as PPL, is a UK-based music licensing company and performance rights organisation founded by Decca and EMI in 1934. As of 2012 PPL collected royalties for 65,000 performers and 10,000 record companies. PPL and PRS for music are two separate collective management organisations (CMOs). PPL collects and distributes money on … Continue reading What is PPL, What do they do and who do they work for?