Thursday 19th April 2018 House of Vans, Leake Street Arches WILEY. VANS. LONDON Why would I not be there? LOL I took my gorgeous little comedic sister Stevie with me, I drilled Grime music into her all throughout our teens so it was only right, we went to Dizzee Rascals show together only right we … Continue reading WILEY @ HOUSE OF VANS

ARE YOU DUMB X #AlwaysReal

Saturday 14th April 2018 JAMMER - ARE YOU DUMB - POP UP AT MARBEK CAMDEN   BEAUTIFUL DAY, SUN WAS BEAMING ON ME CHEEKS Got to the Marbek store at like 2pm, Jammer nowhere in sight so I went and met Sophie from SRJ Music in Motion - Such a lovely brave young lady, she … Continue reading ARE YOU DUMB X #AlwaysReal

Parklife 2016

Parklife 2016 11th/12th June @ Heaton Park, Manchester, UK. Ok. Lets set the scene, Myself, Mollie, Danielle & Jessica... SHOCK i'm actually the first one waiting at Angel Station. 10 minutes later theres 4 wheely suitcases and excitement flowing through our veins... Get to the hotel, bags in the room, little wander around town and … Continue reading Parklife 2016