Cadell drops visuals for ‘WWIII’

Cadell drops visuals for 'WWIII'

Cadell drops visuals for 'WWIII' Cadell drops visuals for 'WWIII'   Wiley’s brother Cadell was called out by Stormzy in the ‘Disappointed’ diss track and now he’s responded. After Wiley vs Stormzy fever has taken over the country, Wiley’s younger brother Cadell has now stepped up and dropped a diss track of his own … Continue reading Cadell drops visuals for ‘WWIII’

ARE YOU DUMB X #AlwaysReal

Saturday 14th April 2018 JAMMER - ARE YOU DUMB - POP UP AT MARBEK CAMDEN   BEAUTIFUL DAY, SUN WAS BEAMING ON ME CHEEKS Got to the Marbek store at like 2pm, Jammer nowhere in sight so I went and met Sophie from SRJ Music in Motion - Such a lovely brave young lady, she … Continue reading ARE YOU DUMB X #AlwaysReal

My Morley’s experience…

  Me and my girl Lauren are eachothers Valentines second year in a row, not complaining we have bare jokes and do things like this...               TASTY Magnum burger meal - its a no.14 for future reference. Also my 2 February playlists are available for public streaming now! … Continue reading My Morley’s experience…

Parklife 2016

Parklife 2016 11th/12th June @ Heaton Park, Manchester, UK. Ok. Lets set the scene, Myself, Mollie, Danielle & Jessica... SHOCK i'm actually the first one waiting at Angel Station. 10 minutes later theres 4 wheely suitcases and excitement flowing through our veins... Get to the hotel, bags in the room, little wander around town and … Continue reading Parklife 2016